The new application allows the blind to admire the Christmas lights

The Research Group Human Language and Accessibility Technologies (HULAT) of the University of Carlos III in Spain have developed and tested the Navidad Accessible mobile app – “Affordable Christmas.” It allows visually impaired people to enjoy the Christmas lights in Madrid.

The free Navidad Accessible app is available for Android and iOS. It uses a sound description system for different streets. The system starts working automatically when the user activates the application’s geolocation system. Upon activation, an audio track is played, which contains information about the scenes presented in light, colors, and transmitted sensations and additional information about how the Christmas decoration was created.

The Disabled Christmas Tour consists of twenty places to visit, including Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, and Plaza de Canalejas, and offers three audio description formats. The first uses real voices, the second uses synthetic ones, and the third uses an adapted slang language for a younger audience.

Ultimately, the goal of the developers of Navidad Accessible is to let everyone experience the Christmas atmosphere of Madrid.

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