The Network has received reviews for the film Death to 2020 by Charlie Brooker

Judging by the first reviews, critics were disappointed with the pseudo-documentary film “Death to 2020,” The Independent reports.

The 70-minute project premiered on Netflix on December 27. The film has a stellar cast, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, and Hugh Grant.

According to experts, the new tape of Charlie Brooker does not stand up to comparison with his “Black Mirror.”

Therefore, the critic of The Independent called the show “confusion,” the creators of which can not decide which audience it is designed for: British or American: “After watching it, you’ll be glad the movie is over. Only in this sense does it correspond to the stated theme.”

According to an expert from the Hollywood Reporter, the picture is “a hackneyed fragment of reused political satire and a tortured documentary parody” that “will tell you something new only if you completely switched off from the information flow in February.”

The Telegraph columnist was also dissatisfied with the famous screenwriter’s work: “You expect something great from Brooker. Instead, you get a reworking of old jokes and predictable satire.”

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