The mother of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner, is accused of sexual harassment

Mark McWilliams, who once worked as a security guard for Kris Jenner, unexpectedly reported harassment and abuse from the mother of the famous family.

According to TMZ, Mark took a job with Chris in 2017 and since then has allegedly regularly received obscene sexist, racist, and other discriminatory comments. On top of that, Mark claims, Chris sent him intimate photos of herself and once tried to massage him. For some reason, Kourtney Kardashian, the daughter of Chris, also appears in the case, but Mark does not accuse her of anything like that.

Jenner and her lawyer Martin Singer have denied the guard’s allegations.

Chris vehemently denies ever behaving inappropriately towards McWilliams. His absurd claims are clearly fabricated and contradict easily confirmed facts. As a guard, he worked outside and did not enter Chris’s house. Notably, McWilliams never complained about his employer until he came up with this ridiculous statement a year after he was fired.

– said the lawyer.

He also noted that Jenner fired him because she found him sleeping in the car several times during working hours. In a statement, Singer added that Chris is about to sue the former security guard for libel.