The most expensive coin in the world was put up for auction

On October 8, a silver dollar issued in 1794, which is of great value to numismatists, will acquire a new owner. In 2013, it was sold for ten million dollars and may set a new value record, CNN reports.

A coin with a female profile-an image of Freedom with loose hair, stylized as ancient Greek goddesses-was the first dollar minted. Most likely, it was held in the hands of US President George Washington.

A total of 1,758 such coins were issued, and about 130 have come down to us. They were not intended for the General public and were distributed to congressmen and honorary citizens of the United States. The supply of precious metals in America after the war with England was weakened, and the issue of such money was instead an image step aimed at maintaining the authority of a young independent country.

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