The moon gateway will be supplemented with a robotic arm

The Canadian Space Agency is planning a contract for the construction of robotic arms with MacDonald, Dettwiler, and Associates (MDA). They will complement the moon gateway (Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway), which is designed to study the moon and deep space.

Under the contract, the space agency will receive a whole robotic system. It consists of a manipulator of 8.5 meters and a small manipulator, which will be “more dexterous”. The system also includes a set of specialized tools and artificial intelligence technologies that allow you to carry out operations without the use of controllers.

The agency does not disclose the value of the contract. According to the agency, they will receive ready-made manipulators by 2025. The exact launch date depends on the future gateway schedule.

“Our government wants to tackle the future of space research and make Canada remain at the forefront of space robotics,” said Minister of Science and Industry Navdeep Baines.

The Canadian government has announced plans to collaborate on the development of a lunar lock in February 2019. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country will spend $ 2.05 billion Canadian dollars over 24 years. This includes the development of the Canadarm-3 mobile service system and the Lunar Exploration Accelerator program.