The monument made of plywood was erected to Black George Floyd

Black American George Floyd, who was killed during an arrest last year, was put up a monument in New York. The statue, made of thick sheets of light-colored plywood, was unveiled with Floyd’s family members, USA Today reports.

The monument in the form of a man’s head, made in layers from sheets of wood material, will stand for two weeks at an intersection in Brooklyn, and then it will be moved to Manhattan.

“My brother was a victim, and you all should continue to draw attention to this, let the name of my older brother continue to ring in everyone’s ears,” said the brother of the deceased, Terrence Floyd, opening the statue. On the same day, another monument to George Floyd was unveiled in New Jersey: a bronze statue weighing more than 300 kilograms.

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3 thoughts on “The monument made of plywood was erected to Black George Floyd”

  1. First of all he was committing a crime, if he would of just did what the officer’s asked he would be alive today, I refuse to honor a criminal in any way.

  2. I could care less about this man’s life that he lived. He was a human and for a white man to put his knee on his neck and take his life like he was a dog or animal is a sad thing that people only see what makes them sleep well at noc. But if he was a white man with a white cop I would feel the same. RIGTH IS RIGHT. WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE WHEN YOU KNOW AND IS PROUD THAT YOU ARE TAKING IT WITH YOUR HAND IN YOUR POCKET. This man said “I can’t breathe” IF IT WAS YOUR LOVE ONE I HOPE SOMEONE WOULD SAID HELP HIM OR HER. NOT OH WELL HIS A CRIMINAL. WAKE UP PEOPLE WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON.

  3. I am a 65 year old lady. Do you how many black people I have seen die who did cooperate. I was raised in Kentucky JIM CROW times. People died all the time in police custody who did cooperate and no answers were ever given as to how that person died in police custody.


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