The Modern vaccine was found to have delayed side effects

Experts found rashes and inflammations in patients.

American scientists have found that patients vaccinated against coronavirus with the Moderna vaccine may experience side effects in the form of rashes and inflammation after a few days. The relevant data is published on the website of The New England Journal of Medicine.

According to experts, 12 patients who received the first dose of the vaccine from the two necessary ones had delayed side effects after an average of eight days. They appeared on the skin in the form of inflammation with a diameter of no more than 10 cm directly at the site of administration of the drug, as well as in the form of a rash on the palms and elbows. This data is confirmed by photographs also published in the report.

Most of the patients were given medications, after which the inflammation disappeared within about six days. Subsequently, all 12 patients received a second dose of the vaccine, after which similar side effects were found in six of them. At the same time, they appeared on average on the second day after vaccination.

The US Food and Drug Administration in December 2020 approved a coronavirus vaccine developed by the US Company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. Also, the vaccine was certified, which produces Moderna and the drug of the company Janssen, owned by Johnson & Johnson.

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