The Ministry of internal security has established a center to combat human trafficking

The task of the staff of the center will be to fight against all forms of exploitation.

Acting Secretary of the Department of homeland security (DHS) Chad Wolf announced the opening of the Center for combating human trafficking, the first in the history of the USA of the United States center for conducting law enforcement operations that will support the Federal criminal investigation of such crimes, to assist victims, analyze intelligence and information propaganda, as well as to conduct training on combating human trafficking and forced labor.

The center, which has been operating since early September, is located in Washington and is part of the Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE), a world leader in criminal investigations of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The center will employ law enforcement officers from the Department of homeland security investigations and the DHS and specialized experts and support staff from the Department of homeland security.

“Human trafficking is modern slavery. There is no other term for this,” Chad Wolf said in a statement. – Human trafficking for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and forced domestic labor… in all respects; they contradict the principles of human dignity that Americans cherish. The launch of the anti-trafficking center means that President Trump has invested resources, paid attention, and devoted time to fighting and eradicating all forms of human trafficking.”

In the fiscal year 2019, the Immigration and customs service initiated 1024 cases related to human trafficking and forced labor, resulting in 2,197 criminal cases. These actions led to the conviction of almost 700 people and the rescue of more than 400 victims.

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