The Ministry of Health of Great Britain discovered a new strain of coronavirus from South Africa

Another strain of coronavirus has been detected in the UK, Health Minister Matt Hancock said.

“This virus is even more contagious and seems to have mutated further than the new one,” he said.

It is noted that so far, two people who came from South Africa have fallen ill.

In this regard, the British authorities announced introducing restrictions on travel to the South African country. Those arriving from South Africa will be obliged to observe a two-week quarantine.

At the beginning of last week, Britain also reported discovering a new type of coronavirus in the country’s East. It was noted that this type of infection was 70 percent more contagious. At the same time, experts did not confirm that the virus has become more deadly or worsens the disease’s course.

Also, a new variation of COVID-19 was reported in Malaysia. According to the head of the Ministry of Health of the country, Noor Hisham Abdullah, the strain was found among 60 samples taken in Sabah.

“We have yet to learn the clinical impact of this variant, its level of infective ability or aggressiveness,” the official added.

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