The Minister of defense of Britain sent in resignation

The head of the British defense Ministry Gavin Williamson resigned following the investigation of information leakage from the closed negotiations. His successor is the current Minister for international development, Penny Mordaunt, who will be the first woman in the office.

“The Prime Minister tonight asked Kevin Williamson to leave the government, losing confidence in his ability to work as Minister of defense,” the British Cabinet said.

The government reported that the decision was made following the investigation of information leakage from the closed negotiations of the National Security Council, which discussed the prospects of cooperation with the Chinese company Huawei in the creation of 5G networks.

The leak occurred on April 24. Because of it, it became known that Huawei products will be used in the design of “non-critical” components of 5G communication networks. This implies that Huawei will not supply hardware that is capable of identifying the mobile device and deciding how and where to route phone calls and transmit data.

The United States and some Ministers actively opposed Britain’s cooperation with the Chinese company — they believed that this could become a threat to the national security of the country.

The leak caused a real scandal in the British media because the meetings of the National Security Council are strictly confidential. Nine people took part in the meeting. Williamson was one of the first to say that neither he nor his team was responsible for the leak.

Some politicians demanded a criminal investigation of the incident, journalists, in turn, said that it would be a violation of the principle of freedom of speech.

Williamson himself still denies that he was the source of the leak. However, as stated in Theresa May’s letter of resignation Williamson, “another likely version of how the leak occurred, is not established.”

May met with Williamson on Wednesday and told him that she had “exhaustive evidence” pointing to his guilt.

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