The military will continue to monitor Santa despite the shutdown

On Friday, December 21, the North American aerospace defense command (NORAD) announced that it will continue to track Santa’s route regardless of whether there will be a full shutdown.
North American Aerospace Defense Command monitors and broadcasts the location of Santa around the world since 1955, and this year will be no exception, said CBS representative of the command.

Thanks to NORAD Tracks Santa, we can track Santa’s location on the world map, including his next stop and the expected arrival time at the selected location. On the site also count how many gifts Santa delivered and also show the weather at the North pole. Works program make it possible for about 1.5 thousand volunteers. From year to year they help with the Santa camera, social networks and the NORAD telephone line.

Track Santa Claus, as usual, will begin on December 24.

“We are ready for December 24. Are you?”— interested in NORAD on Twitter.

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