The military created a group of “swarming drones”. They will work out flight standards

The British military has created an experimental group of drones, on which they will work out various norms and requirements for drones, grouping together. About this writes Jane’s.

Now there are several military groups in different countries of the world that are engaged in the experimental creation of a group of several types of drones. In the future, this technology is considered one of the most promising for both military operations and reconnaissance.

The pilot squadron was organized on April 1, 2020 at an airbase in Waddington. While the squadron does not have its own drones, in the near future the British authorities plan to purchase drones that are already on sale for them. They will connect special systems for controlling drones in group mode.

Swarming drones

Later, the British military will receive their own drones, which will allow them to conduct tactical exercises. At the same time, drones will be developed depending on the type of task, so now the military will test conventional drones and prescribe what technologies they lack in these devices.

Author: Flyn Braun
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