The medical examiner spoke about the illnesses of George Floyd

The chief medical examiner of Hennepin County (Minnesota), Andrew Baker, said that the death of African American George Floyd resulted from the use of force during the police’s arrest. Still, the tragic incident was also contributed to by Floyd’s heart disease and his use of drugs, according to the New York Times.

According to him, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Floyd’s body noted that narrowed arteries, hypertension and drug use made Floyd more vulnerable to police tricks. At the same time, Baker stressed that these factors did not become the direct cause of African Americans’ death.

“In my opinion, the actions of law enforcement to restrain and restrict mobility, as well as squeezing the neck, were simply more than Floyd could bear due to these heart problems,” Baker said.

It is noted that earlier pulmonologist Martin Tobin said, testifying that even a healthy person would have died if they had applied the same techniques that the police applied to Floyd. Simultaneously, the lawyer for ex-police officer Derek Chauvin says that heart disease or the use of fentanyl and methamphetamine could have caused Floyd’s death.

Former police officer Derek Shovin is charged with the murder of African American George Floyd during his arrest. The incident took place in May 2020 and caused a wide public outcry, with protests across the country against police violence and discrimination against black people.

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