The media revealed Meghan Markle’s lies about her daughter

The domain in the name of Lilibet Diana was purchased on May 31st.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been testing the queen’s patience since the very appearance of the actress in the life of the royal family. Recently it became known that Markle gave birth to a daughter, who was given the beautiful name Lilibet Diana. Lilibet is the childhood nickname of Queen Elizabeth II.

The choice of the name deeply outraged Britain. Princess Beatrice was especially indignant. According to insiders, she accused the Dukes of Sussex that they simply “stole” the name of her daughter, who should be born only in the fall.

As it turned out, Harry and Meghan agreed on the name of their child with Queen Elizabeth, and also registered domains for their daughter’s names. True, the sites appeared even before the call to the queen. was purchased on June 4th and was registered on May 31st. These sites are not active yet.

Insiders close to the royal family claim there was no call. But the sources of the dukes say that Lilibet Diana’s grandmother was the first to be told the name of the newborn.

“If she hadn’t supported them, they wouldn’t have used that name,” the source said Sussex portal Page Six.

Baby Lilibet was born on June 4 in a hospital in California. She is the first great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II to be born outside the UK.

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6 thoughts on “The media revealed Meghan Markle’s lies about her daughter”

  1. They are sick people I do not like them and wish they would stay out of the news I am sick of seeing them they are a nobody.

  2. Why would the queen have to give her ok for them to name their child the name they chose? Clearly they don’t treat Harry’s kids as royal kids so who cares what she as well as ugly Beatrice thinks. The queen and Bea need to worry about that Andrew and his lies
    About those young girls he was hanging out with. LEAVE HARRY AND HIS FAMILY ALONE!

    • Are you not aware of the lies being told by this Megan? Plus the only person to call the Queen that was her beloved husband, other than her dad when she was little. It was her last piece of her husband. What gives this little bitchy nobody the right to use it? She found out after marrying Harry that she’s not going to be a princess and he’s never going to be a king, plus she couldn’t boss them all around, so she decided to get rid of their beloved grandson, son, and brother. He didn’t even bother to see his niece and nephews when he was home in England so just what is he owed from England? She lies to try to hurt them, but who her and Harry are really hurting are their children. If she doesn’t stop her lying and Harry Don”t back up her lies, her children will hate them both. She had these kids as leverage pure and simple. Harry needs to leave her, take the children to where they can be loved not used. One day someone is going to tell them that their parents killed their great grand father and the Queen of England before they can even meet them.

  3. Do you expect anything but lies from Meghan? How can anyone stand to even speak her name? Such a discrace!!

    • So true! Makes me sick and Harry is just as bad letting her lie. Dumb oh Oprah just eats it up, I think she forgets that lying Meg is an actor playing the roll of pour, pour, pitiful me.


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