The media reported the real level of danger due to a “nuclear explosion” in the South China Sea

The alleged “explosion” in the South China Sea has managed to attract the attention of many publications around the world. Many wonders if this incident could be dangerous.

According to the newspaper Free News, the first reported about the possible explosion of the American resource Hal Turner radio show, which referred to an unnamed source among the military of the United States. However, is it possible to say that an atomic bomb was detonated in the South China Sea? Apparently not.

The fact is that the recorded growth of radiation background in this region can not testify to anything specific. It is too small to cause any harm to human health. The real level of danger is negligible, and in the South China Sea, you can safely swim without fear of radiation. Against the version of the explosion says and common sense – the fact that this body of water is teeming with ships of different countries, over it constantly fly planes, so to hide even the underwater detonation of a nuclear bomb from a bystander just would not work.

Free News also mentioned that the Rospotrebnadzor of Russia commented the «radiation incident» on. According to the message on the website of the service, the incident can not pose any danger to citizens of the Russian Federation. No other States or agencies responded to reports of a possible nuclear explosion.

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