The media reported an attempt to poison Trump

The potent poison ricin was found in a package sent to President Donald Trump, CNN reported, citing two law enforcement sources.

According to him, two tests confirmed the presence of ricin in the package. All mail addressed to the White House is checked outside the US President’s residence before delivery.
CNN says the investigation into the incident is being conducted by the FBI and the US Secret service, which protects Trump.

According to the New York Times, it could not be a parcel, but an envelope.

Ricin is a highly toxic poison from castor seeds. Terrorists have used it in the past. In a specific dose, ricin causes death.

In 2011, four residents of the US state of Georgia were arrested for conspiring to distribute ricin in some cities. The target of their attack was to be Federal institutions. In 2013, a Mississippi resident sent then-President Barack Obama and another Republican Senator ricin. The poison was intercepted. In 2014, actress Shannon Richardson was sentenced to 18 years in prison for sending letters containing ricin to some people, including Obama and then-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.