The media named a candidate for the post of head of the medical regulator under Biden

Joe Biden, who was elected, according to preliminary data, the President of the United States, will nominate the head of the Department of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, Rochelle Walensky, to head the US Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), the newspaper Politico reports, citing sources.

Walensky is a practicing infectious disease doctor and Professor of medicine at Harvard medical school. She will be engaged in restoring the medical regulator’s position, which was sidelined due to the actions of the administration of US President Donald Trump, the newspaper writes.

She will replace Robert Redfield, who took over as Director of the regulator in March 2018.

Earlier, Politico and the New York Times reported that Biden would nominate California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra as Health Secretary. As head of the Ministry of Health, Becerra will have to coordinate the fight against the pandemic on a national scale. More than 282,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19 and its consequences.

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