The media learned about the plans of the Republicans to challenge the results of the elections in Congress

At least 140 Republicans on January 6 at a meeting in Congress about the approval of the electoral vote results intend to prevent the recognition of the results of the US presidential election and the victory of Joe Biden; two Republican congressmen told CNN.

Earlier, US Republican Senator Josh Hawley announced his intention to object to the electoral vote results at a meeting of Congress on January 6. Earlier, a group of Republicans from the lower house expressed a similar desire. The objection of at least one senator and, at the same time, one member of the House of Representatives changes the course of the meeting. If Hawley keeps his promise, both Chambers will not automatically approve the results but will have to hold a discussion lasting up to two hours to decide whether to support the objections.

As two congressmen told the TV channel, about 140 members of the party in both the House of Representatives and the Senate may oppose the approval of the electoral vote results on January 6.

According to the TV channel, their votes will not change the outcome of the election but may delay for several hours the “inevitable confirmation” of Biden as president.

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