The media called the virus that attacked the largest US pipeline company

The use of a ransomware virus in a cyberattack on the largest oil pipeline operator in the United States, the Colonial Pipeline, could cause the suspension of the operator, Reuters reports.

Earlier, the operator of the Colonial Pipeline announced a cyberattack on its systems. According to the company, this was announced on Friday, May 7. In response to the cyberattack, some systems had to be shut down, as the threat temporarily halted all operations related to the pipeline and affected some information systems.

According to the agency’s sources, the malicious virus used in the attack was “ransomware.”

“Virus ransomware” is designed to block systems by encrypting data and then demanding a ransom for restoring access.

Experts note that the popularity of using such viruses has increased over the past five years.

Author: Steve Cowan
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