The main infectious diseases of the US believes that Trump is no longer contagious

Anthony Fauci and his Deputy reviewed the results of tests taken from the President.

She outlined Fauci’s findings and his Deputy, Clifford lane, which came to her attention after reviewing the results of the latest tests taken from trump, including a PCR test. “Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci and NIAID Deputy Director Clifford lane, at the request of the White House, reviewed the results of tests for COVID-19 [caused by the new coronavirus disease] taken from the President, including a PCR test conducted by the national institutes of health,” the TV company quotes this document. “As they confirmed, all available information indicates that the President is not contagious to anyone,” Fauci and lane said.

The chief infectious diseases specialist in the United States earlier in an interview with the media shared his opinion about the trump state. But Fauci, each time clarified that he was not allowed to study the survey’s specific results of the head of state and the tests taken from him.

The head of the Washington administration announced on Twitter the discovery of a new coronavirus in him and his wife Melania earlier this month. On October 2, as a precaution, he was taken to a hospital located in the US capital suburbs. On October 5, trump was discharged and returned to the White House.