The Lord of the Rings star talks about working on the series

In the filmography of the Welsh actress Morfidd Clark, there is not a single high-budget project yet. Therefore, she is impressed by the sheer scale of the Lord of the Rings set. In this series, she will play the role of Galadriel. The actress shared her delight in an interview with NME:

I think at the moment there is no larger project. The number of people constantly working on the show is overwhelming. There’s even a guy on the team whose job it is to watch the dust from someone’s breath or movement. I would never have thought of this before. How big could it be? Maybe only the projects of the Cinematic Universe. But to be honest, I am in many ways happier and more satisfied when I work on more intimate projects, such as the horror film Saint Maud, where I starred.

When Clarke was asked to comment on Elijah Wood’s words that he was always ready to return to the role of Frodo, and Hugo Weaving that he would never agree to play Elrond again, the actress said:

This project means a lot to me. And I loved the words Elijah said. I would like all the actors to appear on the series at least in a cameo. It’s so good to hear words of support for the show from someone like Wood.

The series is slated to run over five seasons. The date of the premiere has not been officially announced. Before the pandemic, the creators of the project were going to release the first season before the end of 2021, but now the premiere will most likely be postponed to 2022.

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