The list of trophies of the remake of Prince of Persia the Sands of Time leaked to the Network

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time emoticon lost its release date and went for revision. Still, it is clearly not very far from the release. Firstly, the game was planned to be released four months after the announcement, and secondly, the trophies had already leaked to the Network.

To complete the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at 100%, players will have to knock out 25 trophies, including a platinum one. Note that in the PlayStation 3 version there were only 16 achievements, and even those did not pose any special challenges to the player.

This time, many of the achievements turned out to be story-driven, but there are also a couple of interesting ones, like finding a secret level, killing enemies without damage, or drinking water while a frozen enemy falls.

List of all achievements:

  • Earn them all! – Earn every trophy;
  • Sand Bearer – Obtain the Dagger of Time;
  • Visionary – See your first vision;
  • Full Circle – Activate palace defense system;
  • One Hard Decision – Defeat your father;
  • Sword of Strength – Obtain the first sword;
  • Prince of Light – Solve the Hall of Learning puzzle;
  • The Elevator – Survive the elevator fight;
  • Good time – Share a night of love with Farah;
  • Ultimate Sword – Obtain the final sword;
  • The Big Fight – Kill the vizier;
  • I might need those – Collect a sand cloud;
  • Water is life – Find a secret fountain;
  • There is always time for a drink – Drink while in a combat;
  • Flying circus – Vault over 2 different enemies while in slow-motion;
  • Crowd control – Stun 4 enemies at the same time;
  • Any water is good water – Drink water from a waterfall;
  • Sand the fight down – Defeat 15 enemies in a row without taking damage;
  • Scapegoat – Freeze the same enemy 5 times;
  • Hidden doors – Find the secret level;
  • It never happened… – Rewind first time;
  • … I swear – Rewind 25 times;
  • Megafreeze – Execute a megafreeze during combat;
  • No respect – Drink while a frozen enemy is slowly falling down;
  • Smoldering gaze – Stare at Farah very closely.

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