The legal Committee of the House of Representatives: impeachment hearings

Earlier, the head of the Committee said that the vote could take place this week.

On Monday, The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The purpose of the hearings is to obtain formally and attach to the case the evidence obtained during the investigation.

Legal Committee counselors Barry Burke (majority counsel) and Stephen Castor (minority counsel), as well as intelligence Committee counsel Daniel Goldman (majority counsel), are participating as witnesses in the hearing.

Castor also serves as a consultant to the intelligence Committee.

Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said in his opening remarks that the President put himself above the interests of the country.

“The information gathered demonstrates that Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, has put himself above his country. He had violated his most basic duty to the people. He broke his oath,” Nadler said. “I’ll stick to mine.”

Nadler also noted that although the President was invited to participate in the hearings, he chose not to.

The head of the Committee said that the integrity of the upcoming elections is under threat.

Doug Collins, the leading Republican on the Committee, who then spoke, criticized the investigation, comparing it to a political vendetta.
Some Republicans on the Committee have called for separate ” minority hearings.”

Barry Burke said there was more than enough evidence of abuse of power by the President.

Stephen Castor, on the other hand, criticized the evidence base of the investigation and agreed with the statement of lawyer Jonathan Turley, who stated that the criteria for impeachment proceedings were reduced.

Meanwhile, the White House and its allies are launching an offensive against the Democrats and the investigation they initiated.

White House chief counsel Pat Cipollone called the investigation “completely baseless” and the preparation of articles of impeachment “an irresponsible abuse of power.”

Nadler said Sunday that articles of impeachment are in the pipeline and that the Committee could vote on the counts against President Trump as soon as next week. Then the full House vote could take place before the Christmas break, which begins at the end of next week. A simple majority vote is needed for the charges to go to the Senate.

Nadler said the scale of the charges will become clear only after lawmakers hear a brief recount of information gathered by the Judiciary Committee staff and testimony given by witnesses to the Intelligence Committee.

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