The leader of the DPRK by the train reached to talks with Trump

The leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN on an armored train across the border of China and Vietnam arrived at the Dongdang station (North Vietnamese langshon province) on Tuesday. At the station he was greeted in a solemn atmosphere by the local leadership.

On the platform, where the train of the leader of the DRPK arrived, was built a special ladder covered with a red carpet, along which stood a guard of honor. Kim Jong-UN was met at the station by the head of the office of the government of Vietnam Mai Tien Zung, and at the exit from the station, dozens of schoolchildren with flags of the DPRK and more than a hundred Vietnamese and foreign journalists who spent the night at the Dongdang station were waiting for the guest of honor.

Kim Jong-UN sat in the Mercedes S600 Pullman, which installed only the flags of the DPRK and no state registration signs, and headed to Hanoi. The leader of the DPRK was a traditional black French.

The first car is followed by a spare limousine-an armored Mercedes Maybach. In June last year, during the summit in Singapore, Kim Jong-UN moved on his personal car, delivered from Pyongyang. It also had no numbers and only the flags of the DPRK were fixed on it.

This time both Mercedes were delivered to Vietnam by Kim Jong-UN armored train.

The leader of the DPRK by the train reached to talks with Trump

The route was blocked for the motorcade

The Vietnamese authorities blocked the highway from Dongdang station to Hanoi for civilian transport so that Kim Jong-UN’s motorcade could pass through it.
The convoy will have to cover about 170 km to the capital of Vietnam. On the eve the track on the entire length the sappers and security services checked.
Observers note the similarity with the summit in Singapore: after Kim Jong-UN sat in the Mercedes Pullman and the car began to move, twelve North Korean security officers ran a few tens of meters on both sides of the limousine until it picked up speed. In addition, the motorcade includes an armored Maybach, two Toyota land Cruiser 200 SUVs and several other cars.

In Hanoi, the final preparations for the second meeting of Kim Jong-UN and the US President Donald Trump, which is scheduled for February 27-28, are currently being completed. The first ever meeting of the leaders of the two countries was held on June 12 last year in Singapore. As a result, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-UN signed a joint document in which Pyongyang committed to denuclearization in exchange for security guarantees from Washington. From the second summit of the leaders of the United States and North Korea expect more specific agreements on specific steps of the two countries to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Author: Flyn Braun
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