The latest information about coronaviruses

Over the past day, 98 people have died from the coronavirus, according to the State Health Committee of China.

According to the latest data, the coronavirus infection was confirmed in 72,436 people, 1,868 people died, 12,552 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals. 560,901 people had close contact with those infected with the virus, and 141,552 people are under medical supervision.

In China, it is believed that the peak of the epidemic will occur in the second part of February, and by April, the epidemiological situation in the country will stabilize. The head of the special commission to combat the spread of pneumonia of the State Committee for Health Affairs of China Zhong Nanshan stated this.

The virus has spread beyond mainland China: the most cases are in Singapore (77 people) and Japan (66 people + 454 cases on a cruise ship in a Japanese port, where the quarantine will end on February 19, and people will be released), the least — in Nepal, Cambodia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Egypt (1 person each). In addition, five deaths were recorded outside mainland China: in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Japan, and the Philippines.

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