Video: the last words of a medic dying from COVID-19

Mexican nurse Sergio Hernandez recorded a video message a few hours before his death caused by complications from COVID-19. This was reported by the El Mundo newspaper.

The young man recorded a video for his relatives before the endotracheal intubation procedure.

“Well, the hour of truth has come. <…> I want, no matter what happens, whatever fate God has in store for me, so that you always remember who I was and who I am. Because I will return. This is not goodbye. I’m sure I’ll be back in a few days, I’ll just get better, and we’ll move on, ” says 28-year-old Hernandez, also confessing his love to his loved ones.

A few hours later, a health worker who worked in a hospital in Chihuahua, which was badly affected by the pandemic, died.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 967,825 COVID-19 cases were detected in Mexico during the entire pandemic, 95,027 people died.

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