The largest seaplane made the first takeoff from the sea surface

The new Chinese amphibious aircraft AG600 Jiaolong took off from the sea for the first time. The car performed its very first flight back in 2017.

A landmark event for the development program of the AG600, the largest seaplane of our time, took place. According to the Chinese TV channel CGTN, the aircraft first took off from the sea surface.

The tests were carried out on July 26, in the waters of the Yellow Sea. Jiaolong was in the sky for 31 minutes. After testing, he successfully landed at a ground airfield.

The machine performed its first flight on December 24, 2017: then the plane took off from Zhuhai airport. In October 2018, he successfully passed takeoff and landing tests from the water surface, namely from the reservoir on the Zhang River.

In 2020, the AG600 was tested over the sea: the tests provided Chinese engineers with important data on the impact of the marine environment on the airframe of the aircraft and its key systems.

AG600 was developed by specialists from AVIC Corporation. Among its main tasks are forest fire fighting and rescue operations. It is also known that the Chinese Armed Forces intend to use Jiaolong for patrolling.