The largest airport in the world built in China

In Beijing, completed the construction of the world’s largest airport Dasin (area — 1 million square meters). Several villages were demolished for its construction. Test runways airport (and a total of 4) was held in May 2019.

In addition to the airport, its infrastructure was created in parallel: hotels, gas stations, roads, and housing. From Tiananmen Square to the airport is 46 kilometers. And it can be reached by train in just 15 minutes from the West railway station. At the same time, the railway connection is designed so that it will be possible to arrive at the airport from other cities.

The new terminal will be able to receive up to 7.2 million passengers and 620,000 aircraft per year. About 80% of the lighting inside the building is natural light, and the energy efficiency of the complex is equated to class 3 “A.”

The largest airport in the world built in China

The new airport was created in order to unload Beijing capital airport Shoudu, which is also called the “capital.” The logistics of travel between the two airports is designed so that you can check in and drop off your luggage at the “capital” airport and already travel light to the new one. By the winter Olympic games — 2022 airports will be connected by rail, and the official opening of Dasin airport will be held on September 30, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of China.

The territory of the airport is landscaped at a rapid pace and planted adult trees with the help of special machines. In total, about $ 60 billion was spent on construction and infrastructure, and Dasin was built in just three years.

Author: Flyn Braun
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