The largest 3D printer in Europe prints a two-story house for the first time

Kamp C erected the first two-storey house to be printed using the “largest in Europe” 3D printer. The whole process took only 15 days.

Belgian company Kamp C has unveiled the first two-story house to be 3D printed. Printing was done using a massive cement printer BOD2, manufactured by COBOD. The whole process took only 15 days.

Construction began in November 2019 when the printer was taken to the construction site and installed using a crane. At the same time, 5 more workers helped to install and maintain the device. Once the printer was assembled, the BOD2 was completely autonomous and required only one person to control the process using a nearby computer.

Once completed, the two-story house will remain in Belgium next to the printer that produced it, and any visitor will be able to visit and inspect it. In a year, it will be converted into an office building that can be rented.

The researchers noted that this is not the only breakthrough in 3D printing that has occurred in recent years. Researchers are overseeing the construction of a one-story village currently under construction in a seismic zone in Mexico.

The scientists added that 3D printing has the potential to make construction more sustainable and affordable, but the potential benefits of this technology are not limited to construction alone. Kamp C notes that one of its partners is developing a new way of building pools that includes 3D printing, and COBOD partnered with GE Renewable Energy to help create 3D printed concrete foundations for windmills.