The ISS will shoot an advertisement

The ISS will be filming for the first time an advertisement featuring NASA astronauts. The agency is open to cooperation with commercial companies to reduce the burden on the US budget.

Cosmetics company Estée Lauder will shoot a commercial for the first time on the International Space Station (ISS). At the same time, NASA astronauts will be filmed in an advertisement for a face cream called “Advanced Night Repair”. This is reported by the New Scientist edition.

Ten bottles of the cosmetic product will be transported in the cargo hold, which will travel to the station in fall 2020. After that, NASA crew members will take pictures and video in a microgravity environment. NASA explained that this is part of the agency’s plan – they “want to work with various companies in order to offset some of the costs that the US budget usually incurs.” They do not exclude that commercial cooperation between them and the companies will continue in the future.

In addition to closing the deal with Estée Lauder, NASA also announced a partnership with sports company Adidas, which has been sending soccer balls and shoes to the station since last July.

NASA also hopes to boost space tourism through the sale of travel to the ISS to private clients. Tom Cruise has already expressed interest in filming a feature film at the station, although details of the project are still under discussion.

Earlier, US Congressman Ken Calvert introduced a bill to Congress allowing NASA to advertise in space. The official plans to use the proceeds to finance the NASA congress-initiated program called “Challenges of the Century” to “stimulate innovation in space research and increase the interest of private entrepreneurs in business and commercial projects in the space sector.”