The ISS wants to bake bread

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The ISS is going to grow grain for making flour and baking bread in space.

According to Vladimir Soloviev, Flight Director of the ISS Russian Segment, now Russian scientists are creating a greenhouse where cosmonauts will grow grain, from which flour will be obtained for baking bread in space.

Now scientists are developing the technology of non-operator cultivation and the technology of conveyor cultivation simultaneously in four large-volume sections.

Russian cosmonauts will be the first to receive “space” bread, added Soloviev.

As the research institute specified, there are many requirements for “space” bread. It should be stored for a long time, but at the same time retain the traditional taste and smell.

Roskosmos is considering the possibility of continuing to operate the ISS until 2030.

Author: John Kessler
Graduated From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, worked in various little-known media. Currently is an editor and developer of Free News.
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