The IRGC took the blame for the downing of the plane

The Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC) takes full responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian plane. The commander of the military space forces Amir Ali Hajizadeh stated this. The commander’s statement was distributed by the state Iranian Agency IRNA.

“We recognize all responsibility and are ready to follow any orders that the authorities will accept,” Hajizadeh said.

According to him, the air defense system of Iran took the Ukrainian plane for a cruise missile, and the connection at this point was faulty.

“Either the jamming system worked, or the network was busy, but he (the operator of the air defense system) could not be contacted. He had the opportunity to make a decision within five seconds. Unfortunately, he made the wrong decision and launched a missile at the target,” the commander said.
Hadjizadeh admitted that when he heard about the crash, he “wanted to die not to see it.”

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Author: Flyn Braun
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