The inventor of the CD and cassette tape Lodewijk Ottens has died

According to local portal Dutch News, Dutch engineer Lodewijk Ottens, who invented the film for cassettes and the CD, has died at the age of 94 in the Netherlands.

The portal, citing the newspaper NRC Handelsblad, reports that Ottens died at home in the province of North Brabant on Saturday.

Ottens graduated as an engineer and started working at Philips in 1952. Eight years later, he became the head of the company’s product development department, and within a year, he and his team had developed the first portable tape recorder. Two years later, Ottens invented the film for compact cassettes. The inventor decided that the tape itself should be small enough to fit in the pocket of his jacket. Ottens later invented the CD.

The inventor retired in 1986. As the portal notes, Ottens always emphasized that both inventions were the result of collective efforts.

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