The interview of Prince Harry and his wife was a gift for opponents of the monarchy

The interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan with the American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey has provoked calls for a national debate on abolishing the monarchy in the UK; Buckingham Palace is still silent.

In an interview aired in the US on Sunday evening, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who retired from royal duties, made some sensational statements that hurt the royal family and the image of the British monarchy. In particular, Megan said that someone from her husband’s relatives expressed concerns about the color of her unborn child’s skin and that she herself had thoughts of suicide, and she was refused help. She also said that she was offended by the wife of Harry’s older brother, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate. Prince Harry, in turn, told how his father, Prince Charles of Wales, did not return his calls, refusing to discuss his son’s problems.

“The monarchy is now experiencing the worst crisis since the abdication of the monarch (Edward VIII) from the throne in 1936. For the sake of Britain or the sake of the young members of the royal family, this rotten institution must disappear,” said the head of the anti-monarchist organization Republic Graham Smith.

In the wake of the scandal, Republic called for a national debate on abolishing the monarchy.

“Now people have become much clearer about what the monarchy really is. It doesn’t look nice. Now, when the queen is likely to be replaced by King Charles in the next ten years, the position of the monarchy has rarely looked weaker,”

the head of the organization is convinced.

“We deserve better than this. The monarchy will always be a part of our history. It should not be part of our future,”

Smith said.

British politicians, who rarely comment on problems in the royal family, are forced to speak out this time.

“The issues that Meghan raised – racism and mental health-are very important. It is a reminder that too many people are facing racism in the 21st century in Britain. We have to take this very, very seriously,”

Labour leader Keir Starmer said during a visit to a London school.

The Harry and Meghan scandal overshadowed even the fact that schools opened in England today after a two-and-a-half-month break.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also visited the school on Monday, said that “there should be no place for racism in our country,” but admitted that he had not seen the interview.

Meanwhile, the country is waiting for a comment from Buckingham Palace: experts agree that the charges against the royal family of Harry and Meghan are so serious that this time the palace will not be able to follow its principle of “never complain never explain.” A comment is sure to follow, and the choice of words will be essential for the institute’s future.

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