The incidence of COVID-19 in the world for a week decreased by almost 20%

At the same time, the death rate due to the coronavirus does not decrease – for the third week in a row; the number of deaths exceeds 90 thousand.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world has increased over the past seven days by 5.1 million. It was almost 20% less than last week when the planet registered the maximum number of cases for the entire pandemic.

The global incidence has declined primarily due to improvements in Turkey and several European countries, but it is still high in Asia and Latin America. At the same time, the death rate due to COVID-19 does not decrease – for the third week in a row; the number of deaths exceeds 90 thousand.

Free News has collected key statistics of the pandemic for the week.

Where it got better

In the United States, about 36.6 thousand infected people are now detected per day; this is the level of September 2020. In a week, the incidence in the country decreased by almost a quarter. Against the background of the stabilization of the situation and the ongoing vaccination campaign, President Joe Biden announced that those who have completed vaccination can now not wear masks, and those who have not yet been vaccinated will not be punished for refusing to wear it.

The fastest decline in the incidence is in Turkey – in a month there began to detect four times less infected, about 15 thousand per day. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the process of normalization after the next knockdown would begin in the republic from Monday, May 17.

Among Western European countries, the most noticeable improvement is in Italy. They now register about 8 thousand infections a day, half as many as a month ago.

In Eastern Europe, the rate of infection fell to the lows of last fall. So, in Poland, 3.5 thousand infected people are detected per day, in the Czech Republic – 1.3 thousand, which for these countries is the lowest since October and September, respectively.

Where the situation is still difficult

The highest incidence is still in India: there are about 350 thousand cases of infection per day, although, in early May, 400-410 thousand were registered.

In Brazil, 70 thousand new cases are recorded daily. This is the second indicator in the world, but since the end of March, the rate of infection in the country has decreased by 20%.

In other Latin American countries affected by the next wave of coronavirus, the situation as a whole has reached a plateau. This happened in Argentina (more than 20 thousand cases per day) and Colombia (17.5 thousand), and in Peru, compared to mid-April; the incidence has almost halved (about 7.5 thousand cases per day).

In Europe, the most infected people are registered in France – 16 thousand daily, although a week ago their number exceeded 20 thousand – and Germany, where 13 thousand cases are recorded (a month ago – about 30 thousand). In Russia, for the first time since May 1, more than 9 thousand infected people were identified, but experts believe that such fluctuations are natural for the stage of stabilization of the epidemic process. In addition, this may be due to an increase in testing volumes.

In total, the coronavirus has been detected in about 2.1% of the world’s population, or 161.3 million people, since the beginning of the pandemic. According to available data, about 87% of the cases are already healthy, but this information is incomplete since not all countries publish relevant statistics.

Mortality rate

In seven days, 92.6 thousand deaths due to the coronavirus were registered in the world. This is 1.7 thousand less than in the previous seven days. The mortality rate has not changed and is still 2.1%.

This week, the death rate reached its peak in India – on May 11, 4,2 thousand deaths were recorded there, which was the maximum for the pandemic not only in the country but also in the world.

In Brazil, about 2 thousand deaths are reported every day, but this is half as many as in early April. At a high level – about 500 cases per day – the mortality rate is maintained in Argentina and Colombia, and if in the first it gradually decreases, then in the second, on the contrary, it increases. In the United States, which remains the world’s leading cause of death due to a new infection, the number of deaths dropped to 600 per day. This is the level of June 2020.

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