The husband staged his execution according to the lessons from Youtube and escaped from his wife who ordered it

American Ramon Sosa was forced to stage his own execution to help the police catch his wife, who decided to kill him and was looking for a killer. This is written by the Mirror.

Sosa learned that his wife, named Maria, was looking for an executor for the murder from a friend who was aware of the woman’s plans. The American did not believe his words at first, but a friend, himself a former bandit, convinced him that it was true.

It is known that Maria was born in Mexico, and received US citizenship in 2010 when she married Ramon. After the wedding, the woman’s mother told him: “Now she is your problem.” Years later, their relationship seriously deteriorated, Maria spread rumors that her husband was an alcoholic and a violent person, and then decided to get rid of him.

The woman estimated the life of her husband at two thousand dollars. The order was taken by an undercover policeman. Sosa then helped the police with the staging so that his wife would receive proof of death. Sosa was stripped to his underpants, his hands were tied behind his back, and a fake bullet wound was depicted on his temple — for this, the participants of the staging watched a makeup lesson on Youtube.

All this helped to capture the customer and send her to court. For the intention to kill her husband, a woman faces up to 20 years in prison.

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