The House of Representatives voted on the impeachment of President Trump

The President is accused of abusing power and obstructing Congress.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote Wednesday evening to impeach President Donald Trump, making him the third President in US history to begin an impeachment process potentially leading to the removal from office.

Under the rules approved on Tuesday, the House of Representatives will debate articles of impeachment for six hours, one of which accuses trump of abusing the powers of the President, expressed in an attempt to achieve Ukraine’s interference in the course of the American presidential election in 2020.

The second charge was obstruction of Congress, which consisted of refusing to comply with subpoenas to testify and provide documents sent by lawmakers.
A vote is due in the evening.

Around this time, President Trump will be speaking at a campaign rally in Michigan.

In January 2020, the case will be heard in the Senate. Since Republicans control the upper house of Congress, the two-thirds majority needed to remove the President from power is unlikely to be gained and trump is likely to remain in office.

Ahead of the house vote, trump reiterated in a series of tweets that he had done nothing untoward and criticized the ongoing investigation into him.

“Can you believe that today I will be presented to the impeachment of radical left loafers-Democrats, and I did nothing wrong! Trump said on Twitter. “It’s awful. Read the transcripts. This should not happen again to any American President. Pray!”
“I’m not worried!” he wrote.

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