The House of Representatives postponed a vote on the interim budget

The issue of assisting farms has become a stumbling block.

The US House of Representatives postponed a vote scheduled for Tuesday on a bill to temporarily fund the government until December 11, continuing to discuss the issue of farm assistance requested by President Donald Trump.

The delay “is due to numerous provisions on agricultural financing,” an aide to a democratic Congressman explained.

The current budget expires on September 30, and Democrats on Monday announced a bill for temporary funding, but it did not include funds for farms that the President requested.
The bill, which maintains the current level of spending in most areas, will avoid a government shutdown. This will give lawmakers more time to calculate the budget through September 2021, including expenditures for the military, health care, national parks, space programs, and airport and border security.

“We expect that in the coming days, an initiative will be submitted for consideration that will extend the current spending agreement until December,” said Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, expressing hope that the initiative will be “bipartisan.”

The version submitted by Democrats on Monday did not include $ 21.1 billion to top up the farm income stabilization program. Trump promised to increase aid to agriculture during a rally in Wisconsin last week.

Republicans are unhappy that this item was not included in the bill. The Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that the farmers need help.
“Negotiations are ongoing, and I hope we will reach an agreement,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

According to a Republican source in the House of Representatives, Democrats had previously rejected an agreement that included assistance to farmers. “Republicans will continue to fight to include these provisions,” he said.

Leaders of both parties say they are not interested in a standoff that could lead to a government shutdown in the face of a pandemic and preparations for elections.