The House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment to the Senate

Proceedings in the upper house of Congress will begin next Tuesday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump and passed it to the Senate. Thus, the impeachment proceedings against the President may begin next week.

Pelosi used several fountain pens to sign documents, and then, according to tradition, passed it to the chairmen of several House committees involved in the impeachment process.

The impeachment managers appointed by Pelosi – lawmakers who will represent the prosecution in the upcoming Senate trial-along with House staff and the congressional bailiff personally passed the articles of impeachment to representatives of the upper house. Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, said the articles would officially be passed by the upper house on Thursday.

228 lawmakers supported the nominations of Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Jerry Nadler, the head of the Legal Committee, who were appointed by Pelosi as impeachment managers. 193 members of the House of Representatives voted against these nominations.
Proceedings in the Senate will begin on Tuesday, January 21, and will likely last several weeks.

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