The House of Representatives intends to adopt a package of anti-crisis measures

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on colleagues to support a bill designed to help the country fight coronavirus.

Leaders of the US House of Representatives intend to pass a $ 2.2 trillion package of anti-crisis measures on Friday or, at the latest, on Saturday, to help the nation as soon as possible in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

In a telephone conversation with fellow Democrats on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged congressmen not to delay the adoption of an unprecedented economic aid package that the Senate passed unanimously on Wednesday night.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Madeleine Dean said, the essence of the two-hour conversation was as follows: “Let’s do it tomorrow, if possible. If not, then no later than Saturday.”

According to Dean, she will return to Washington from her district in Pennsylvania to participate in the debate, which is scheduled to begin on Friday morning.

“It was obvious from the conversation that we all know what to do. We need to help the American people immediately,” she said.

The Senate bill, which is the largest package of economic assistance in the history of the United States, provides for direct cash payments to needy Americans, which will begin within three weeks if the initiative is supported by the House of Representatives and signed by President Donald Trump.

“The House of Representatives should pass this bill, preferably without delay. I think it has tremendous support,” Trump said during a daily briefing on the coronavirus.

The package also provides $ 500 billion to help the most affected industries and a comparable amount to pay up to $ 3,000 to millions of families.

It is also proposed to allocate $ 350 billion for loans for small businesses, $ 250 billion to expand unemployment benefits and at least $ 100 billion to help medical institutions.
Pelosi, speaking at a weekly news conference, said she expected broad support from both parties.

Earlier this month, two more initiatives were adopted to help the country with the coronavirus. This amounts to almost half of the Federal government’s annual spending ($4.7 trillion).

Author: Flyn Braun
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