The House of Representatives impeached Trump

The House of Representatives of the US Congress voted to remove President Donald Trump from office. He was considered guilty of abuse of power. This is reported on the website of the Congress.

“For” the recognition of the us President guilty voted 230 congressmen (216 votes were needed). 229 votes were cast in favor of finding trump guilty on charges of obstructing Congress. The Republicans in both cases, full membership, voted against it.

Donald Trump was accused of abuse of power after it became known about his call to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with a request to launch an investigation against the son of his potential rival in the presidential election-2020 Joe Biden. The second charge — obstruction of Congress — the President received, after his ban by the presidential administration to participate in the investigation under the impeachment procedure.

In addition to the House of Representatives, two-thirds of senators must vote for impeachment. This scenario is considered almost unrealistic since Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

Earlier in the history of the United States, there were precedents when the House of Representatives voted for the impeachment of the President. Before that, such a decision was made against Andrew Johnson in 1868 and bill Clinton in 1998. The Senate both times left presidents in power.

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