The high-ranking employee of the White House, testifying in Congress

Mark Sandy can tell congressmen important details regarding the delay of US military assistance to Ukraine.

On Saturday, a senior White House budget office official arrived on Capitol Hill to testify as part of the House investigation into the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.
Mark Sandy, a long-time employee of the office of Administration and budget, is the first employee of the Department to testify in the investigation. Before that, three office employees appointed by trump refused to obey subpoenas from Congress. It is not known if a summons was issued to Sandy.

He testifies in closed meetings of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Intelligence Committee, and the oversight and reform Committee.

Sandy can provide valuable information about the reasons for the delay in the allocation of US military aid to Ukraine of almost $ 400 million. He was one of the management staff who questioned the reasons for the delay, according to sources familiar with the situation. His signature is on at least one document that served as a justification for the delay of assistance – it is known that several copies of such documents were in the possession of the authors of the investigation.

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