The head of the US air force urged to be ready for a war comparable to World War II

The future war of the United States will be waged with comparable power, and it can result in huge losses, according to the chief of staff of the US air force Charles Brown. Excerpts from his report “Speed up changes or lose” were provided by Free News.

“We need to be prepared to fight a war with combat losses and risks for the nation more similar to those that we faced in the era of World War II,” quotes Brown as saying.

The chief of staff noted that the decisions of the previous leadership did not allow them to achieve the results necessary in view of the rapidly changing race with China and Russia.

According to Brown, Washington may face a state with a military capability comparable to the United States. In this case, these military operations will be significantly different from those that American troops have waged over the past two decades.

“”The future war will not remain far from our shores,” concluded the new chief of staff of the US air force.

It is noted that Brown will tell you more about his vision for the development of the air force on Monday, September 14.

Charles Brown assumed command of the headquarters on August 6.

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