The head of the foreign office of Britain was tested for coronavirus

LONDON – British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said that he was tested for coronavirus after the entire country saw him coughing the day before during the budget report of his government colleague, Chancellor Rishi Sunak.
“I tested for coronavirus and the result was negative,” he told reporters.
The Minister explained that his cough was a residual phenomenon after suffering from a cold, and stressed that despite numerous comments on Twitter, he had a handkerchief under the recommendations of the government.
After the budget report, Twitter was flooded with photos of an ill-looking Raab and questions about why the foreign Minister even appeared in Parliament in this form at a time when the world is gripped by a coronavirus pandemic.
The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the UK increased by 83 per day to 456, the largest jump since January 31, when the first case was registered. Eight people have died so far. The largest number of cases is in London.

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