The head of the European Council Donald Tusk said he was ready to postpone “Brexit” for a year

If the UK government and Parliament do not agree on a plan to withdraw the United Kingdom from the EU, “Brexit” will be held on April 12 “without a deal”. This publication reports Deutsche Welle.

On Friday, April 5, the European Council President Donald Tusk is going to offer 27 member countries of the European Union to give the UK a new delay “Brexit” — for 12 months — to prepare a Treaty regulating relations between London and Brussels after their “divorce”, according to the Agency dpa.

In turn, British Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to Brussels on April 5 with a request to postpone “Brexit” until June 30. The letter also noted that the UK will prepare to participate in the elections to the European Parliament, scheduled for the end of May this year.

If the 27 EU countries at the extraordinary summit on April 10 unanimously vote for a new postponement of “Brexit”, Brussels will agree to take this step. Otherwise, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU will take place on April 12 “without a deal”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, visiting Ireland on April 4, said that she would try to do everything to prevent unregulated “Brexit”.

Author: Flyn Braun
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