The Governor of Maryland called on Pence to take the manual the US

The Governor of the US state of Maryland, Larry Hogan, calls on US Vice President Mike Pence to take over the country’s leadership instead of President Donald Trump and ensure a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden.

“The country will be better off if Trump resigns or is removed, and Vice President Pence ensures a peaceful transfer of power in the next 13 days before the inauguration of the next president Biden,” Hogan said at a press conference broadcast on his Twitter account.

Earlier, many politicians in the United States have already called for the resignation of the country’s current president.

On Wednesday, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump, who gathered in Washington for a demonstration in his support, stormed the congress building, interrupting a meeting that was supposed to approve the last election results. Law enforcement officers used tear gas and stun grenades. According to the Washington police, four people were killed during the protests.

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