The girl was born with gray hair due to a rare genetic trait

A resident of the Brazilian city of Jijoca de Jericuacuara decided to teach her two-year-old daughter not to be ashamed of an unusual appearance, The Daily Mail reports.

Talyta Youssef Aziz Vieira’s daughter, 43, had two-tone hair from birth: there was a noticeable grey strand among the black hair covering most of the head.

This is piebaldism, or partial albinism, a rare genetic feature associated with a lack of skin cells that produce the pigment melanin. Piebaldism is inherited and was with the girl’s mother, grandmother, aunt and cousins.

In her youth, Maya’s mother was embarrassed by her grey strands and stopped hiding her white hair when she was already in her 20s. “I hid it under other strands – I was afraid that I would be poisoned,” she explains.

The woman wants her child to be proud of his hair. “It’s sad that people have to hide their identities,” she says. ” We don’t have to be the same to be beautiful.”

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