The girl sent a letter to her dead father in paradise and touched the postman

Eight-year-old Sianna Tully from Leicester, Leicestershire, sent a letter to her deceased father in paradise and touched the postman. This is reported by the publication Leicestershire Live.

Sianna’s father died when she was four months old. According to the mother, the daughter constantly asks her about her father and sends him letters for all holidays.

On June 20, 2021, on Father’s Day, the girl decided to draw a postcard and send it to her deceased parent. “Sianna just came into the room that evening and asked where dad lives so that she could write the recipient’s address on the envelope,” her mother commented. The woman said that it was already late, and she suggested that the girl discuss this issue in the morning, but she began to cry and insisted on her own. Then the British woman told her daughter the first address that came to her mind.

That evening, the mother and daughter sent an envelope with a signature that reads: “To Dad. To heaven, to the ninth cloud.” The letter fell into the hands of a local postman, who posted a photo of it on his Facebook page to find the sender. “I myself lost my father last year and experienced it very hard, so I can only imagine what a small child goes through. I would like to meet with the girl and talk,” he admitted.

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