The German Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint about the commission of “crimes against humanity” by Alexander Lukashenko

German lawyers have appealed to the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office, claiming that Alexander Lukashenko committed crimes against humanity. The appeal was made on behalf of ten Belarusians, according to German agency DPA.

Four German lawyers have appealed to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe in connection with the use of violence against Belarusians amid peaceful protests that began in the country after the presidential elections in August last year.

On behalf of ten Belarusians who suffered from torture, they reported crimes against humanity committed by Alexander Lukashenko to the prosecutor’s office.

The lawyers stressed that in Belarus, neither Lukashenko nor the employees of his law enforcement agencies face the legal consequences of excessive use of force and torture of detained citizens. In this regard, they called on Germany to conduct an independent investigation of such crimes. At the same time, the lawyers referred to the so-called universal jurisdiction, which provides for the possibility of criminal prosecution for crimes prohibited by international law and committed in other States.

Lawyers represent the interests of ten Belarusians

“Our clients expect that Germany, even in the case of Belarus, will declare itself a supporter of the protection of universal human rights,” lawyers representing ten residents of Belarus said in an interview with dpa.

According to the lawyers, their clients complained of physical torture, torture by deprivation of food and sleep, insults, and humiliation, because of which the health of all of them was seriously harmed. In particular, they reported that they had to kneel for many hours with their hands tied.

— In general, the actions of the authorities can only be called brutal, – said the lawyers.

Recall that this is not the first such case. Earlier it was reported that applications from the victims were submitted to the law enforcement agencies of the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

In Poland, the prosecutor’s office is investigating the detention and beating of three Polish citizens detained in Minsk on August 10.

— I would like the proceedings initiated in Poland to concern not only the days when my clients were behind bars but also the following days, weeks, and months. That those responsible for torture and inhumane treatment of detainees should be held accountable for crimes against humanity in a Polish court, as well as in an international tribunal, and be fairly tried. At the same time, to bring to justice not only the perpetrators but also their management, as well as those who gave the orders, — said the lawyer of the victims. Recall that tens of thousands of people were arrested and detained in Belarus during peaceful protests. Hundreds of people were injured, and several more were killed. No criminal proceedings have been initiated on these facts.

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