The German government assessed the situation around “Nord stream-2”

The German government seriously doubts that US sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline project comply with international law, German Cabinet spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

So he commented on the report of the economic service of the Bundestag, which notes that, despite the clear position of Germany and Brussels that extraterritorial sanctions violate international law, “we should not completely ignore the arguments of the United States.” According to the authors of the report, the principle of protecting national interests that the United States applies may “look far-fetched.” Still, the application of this principle is the result of political decisions for which there are no legal restrictions of this kind, and there are no objective criteria in international law that would regulate the application of this principle.

“The government has serious doubts about the compliance of such extraterritorial sanctions with international law. We will study and evaluate this report in detail,” Seibert said at a briefing on Monday, when asked whether the German government believes that US sanctions against “Nord stream-2” violate international law.